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Looking for the best value in entertainment? Look no further than DIRECTV. Services from other TV providers can’t compete. When you subscribe to DIRECTV, you get not only a huge channel selection and unrivaled technology like the Genie HD DVR, but also exceptional DIRECTV service. How exceptional? For the 15th year in a row, DIRECTV rated higher in customer satisfaction than cable. (As compared to the largest national cable & satellite TV providers. 2015 American Customer Satisfaction Index.) Read on to learn why customers are so hyped about DIRECTV.

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DIRECTV Offers More than Cable

Don’t settle for the subpar or just good enough. Here’s a quick summary of how DIRECTV outperforms cable and other satellite TV providers:

  • DIRECTV is available anywhere with a clear view of the southern sky. Customers living in rural or sparsely populated areas may be out of luck with cable.
  • The DIRECTV Genie outclasses cable boxes.1 No other HD DVR compete with Genie.
  • DIRECTV offers NFL SUNDAY TICKET, an exclusive football experience not available with other providers.2 Catch your favorite teams in action from all over the country, every Sunday.3
  • DIRECTV offers more HD channels than any competitor.4 Watch more programs in the quality you deserve.
  • DIRECTV brings you more 3D content than any other TV provider. Get closer to more of your favorite movies and shows.
  • DIRECTV brings you new movie releases sooner. Get the hottest films up to two weeks faster than Netflix® or Redbox®.

Read on to learn more about these exclusive DIRECTV offers and other DIRECTV services.

The Industry’s Most Advanced HD DVR

Genie, DIRECTV’s revolutionary HD DVR, does more than cable boxes. Take digital video recording to the next level with triple the recording capacity of cable.5 A titanic terabyte of storage means you have space for more of your favorite programs. When multiple shows you want to watch air at the same time, Genie lets you record up to 5 of them. Leaving town? Set Genie to record shows up to two weeks in advance – they’ll be ready for you to enjoy when you get back.

The Most Exclusive Sports Package

Tired of only being able to watch local sports? Get ready for a phenomenal football experience that only DIRECTV offers. NFL SUNDAY TICKET brings you all the action-packed games from across the league every Sunday, all in dazzling HD. Are you a fan of multiple teams? Does your family have divided loyalties? The Game Mix Channel lets you catch up to 8 of your favorite teams in action at once, all on the same screen.6 Busy on Sunday? Catch up on the Sunday action you missed anytime from Monday to Thursday with NFL SUNDAY TICKET On Demand.

NFL SUNDAY TICKET is packed with the necessities for any football fan, but what if you could get even more action-packed features? DIRECTV offers NFL SUNDAY TICKET MAX – a superb upgrade that takes Sunday excitement to whole new playing field! Catch the big pre-touchdown moments on the RED ZONE CHANNEL®.  Short on time? Short Cuts brings you the biggest plays of each match in 30 minutes.7 You can even stay with the action on the go from your computer, smartphone or tablet. Just download the DIRECTV NFL SUNDAY TICKET App and get live stats and scores from anywhere you can connect to the Internet. It’s just another way DIRECTV gives you more bang for your buck.

The Most HD

With over 200+ full-time HD channels available, DIRECTV offers more HD channels than any other cable or satellite TV provider. Enjoy more of your favorite programs in crystal clear quality at home or on the go.

Want to get closer to your entertainment? DIRECTV offers 3D content so you can experience your favorite movies and shows like never before.8

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