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The DIRECTV ULTIMATE Package is just one step short of being the largest package offered by DIRECTV. However, that’s not to say that the ULTIMATE Package is at all diminished by the comparison. The DIRECTV ULTIMATE Package is full of entertainment possibilities with an overwhelming variety of programming and quite a few movie channels. There’s absolutely no shortage of programming and just enough variety to send you on your way to fighting aliens, surviving the undead and making it home in time for some good old-fashioned reality TV.

Basically, the DIRECTV ULTIMATE Package might not have the most channels, but it will likely have what you need and then some.

The DIRECTV ULTIMATE Package Highlights

It may not be the biggest, but the DIRECTV ULTIMATE Package undeniably lives up to its name with so many great features like:

  • More than 240 channels
  • A huge variety of programming
  • ENCORE® movie channels and premium programming
  • Savings and deals where available

Not to mention that local channels are included with the DIRECTV ULTIMATE Package to more than 99% of U.S. households. Even with a cursory glance, it’s easy to see why the ULTIMATE Package is such a great deal.

Should you get the DIRECTV ULTIMATE Package?

Here’s a better question: Do you love movies but don’t  feel the need for a whole plethora of premium channels? The ULTIMATE Package is a great starting point for those interested in the likes of ENCORE® as well as specialty channels and, of course, popular programming. You can also add on sports packages if you are thinking of hosting a party or just want to prove to the world – once and for all – that you are the ultimate super fan.

In that case, yes, you should look into the DIRECTV ULTIMATE Package. Call today to learn more and see if it’s right for you.

DIRECTV ULTIMATE Package Programming

The DIRECTV ULTIMATE Package comes with more than 240 channels of programming including local channels. More popular channels than the previous packages and, of course, a few movie channels to take your viewing experience from entertaining to epic.

Programming includes:

  • Specialty Channels – Get wrapped up in a murder mystery with Cloo or cling to the edge of your seat with Chiller. The DIRECTV ULTIMATE Package carries all kinds of programming for all kinds of viewers.
  • Movies Channels – In addition to the ENCORE® family of channels, you’ll get The Movie Channel, allowing you to bring Hollywood home with you.
  • Popular Channels – Comedy Central, MTV, ABC – if it’s hip and people are talking about it, you will find it with the ULTIMATE Package.
  • Family-Friendly Channels – PBS, BabyFirst TV, Nick Jr., ABC Family – these are just some of the family-friendly channels featuring age-appropriate content for everyone to enjoy.

The list goes on. In short, the DIRECTV ULTIMATE Package has you covered.

Order the DIRECTV ULTIMATE Package

Want more than what the XTRA Package can bring, but aren’t quite ready to jump on board with PREMIER™? There’s always the DIRECTV ULTIMATE Package and if you would like to know more, call now or go online. It’s time you started watching the shows you want to watch at a price that won’t break the bank.

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