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SELECT™ Package Plus Internet
$ 34
99 per mo.
for 12 mos.

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DIRECTV didn’t become America’s #1 satellite TV service simply based on channel count; there’s also the wealth of options that appeal to millions of customers across the country. It’s no secret that we all like different things when it comes to television programming.

The DIRECTV SELECT™ Package offers over 145+ channels of programming for all ages and entertainment preferences. It’s also one of the cheaper packages available, helping customers save some money and offering some much-needed peace of mind.

DIRECTV SELECT™ Package Highlights

As stated earlier, the DIRECTV SELECT™ Package offers over a hundred channels. More than 145+ channels if you want to get technical. There are also local channels which are included for more than 99% of households in the U.S.1 That’s 145+ channels of entertainment for all ages. With the DIRECTV SELECT™ Package, viewers are sure to find something entertaining.

Is the DIRECTV SELECT™ Package for everyone?

Some of us like the news while others like cartoons and, some, enjoy a good old-fashioned action flick. Those are a lot of different preferences and, with any other service, fulfilling those individual needs can add up. That’s where options like the DIRECTV SELECT™ Package come to the rescue.

Channels offered in the SELECT™ Package are geared toward viewers of all ages and interests. However, the package is also uniquely geared toward customers who want their programming on a budget. The DIRECTV SELECT™ Package is the cheapest option for DIRECTV customers. And, unlike other service providers that offer cheap starter packages with minimal entertainment, DIRECTV cherry picks the best channels and entertainment to include in this budget-friendly option.

DIRECTV SELECT™ Package Programming

More than just a starter pack with slim pickings, the DIRECTV SELECT™ Package offers a wealth of programming that covers a variety of genres.

  • Family Programming – Families with younger viewers will find plenty to enjoy with ABC Family, Nickelodeon, Disney Junior and more.
  • News – Viewers who want to stay informed can tune into the likes of CNN, C-SPAN and WeatherNation.
  • Entertainment – Channels like Comedy Central, Spike and SyFy are just a few of the popular entertainment options available with SELECT™.
  • Music – If MTV and VH1 won’t cut it, viewers can access SonicTap® Music Channels, as well.

That’s just a glimpse into the varied programming the DIRECTV SELECT™ Package can bring to the home.

DIRECTV SELECT™ Package Availability

The DIRECTV SELECT™ Package and service is available to 100% of U.S. households with a clear view of the southern sky. You can likely gain access to DIRECTV service whether you’re living out in the middle of the boonies or in one of the most bustling epicenters of the country.

DIRECTV SELECT™ Package Bundling

If you’re looking for more than just a cost-effective entertainment plan, DIRECTV also offers the option of bundling Internet service along with America’s #1 satellite TV service. DIRECTV partners with industry-leaders in Internet and phone service to bring customers more of what they need. Bundling with the SELECT™ Package is still an economical way of staying connected and entertained.

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For access to quality programming, the SELECT™ package offers a budget-friendly alternative without offering less content. Call today to learn more about the SELECT™ package and order now.




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