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The DIRECTV XTRA Package offers even more of what customers need from the home viewing experience. With over 220 channels to choose from, XTRA brings a little something extra to the sports, movies, news, and reality TV mix with the inclusion of specialty channels. The DIRECTV XTRA Package gives you more when it comes to unparalleled sports coverage and popular entertainment. There’s just so much variety in the DIRECTV XTRA Package that it’s no wonder it’s considered one of the more popular DIRECTV packages.

There’s just bound to be something for everyone in the DIRECTV XTRA Package.

DIRECTV XTRA Package at a glance

By looking at just a few of the features offered in the DIRECTV XTRA Package, you can easily see how it trumps the competition. With the DIRECTV XTRA Package, you get:

  • More than 220 channels
  • Even more entertainment options to choose from including specialty channels
  • Access to deals and special savings where available

More than 99% of U.S. households can also have local channels thrown into the mix. That’s a lot of programming coming in at quite a decent price when you stop to consider any additional deals that may be available in your neck of the woods.

Is the DIRECTV XTRA Package right for you?

Are you a DIRECTV customer, already? Maybe you’re not too impressed with the variety of entertainment other service providers have been making you pay for? The great thing about the DIRECTV XTRA Package is that it’s a solid mix of variety and value – you get so much more than the ENTERTAINMENT or CHOICE™ packages can offer, all at an affordable price.

If you want more TV at a decent price, the DIRECTV XTRA Package is definitely right for you!

What kinds of shows come in the DIRECTV XTRA Package?

More channels and more variety, in addition to the popular news programs and reality shows you love, there are:

  • Sports Channels – Fans of golf, basketball, tennis and football will find plenty to keep them occupied with the Golf Channel, NBA TV, Tennis Channel and NFL Network.
  • Educational Channels – Take a trip on the wild side with Nat Geo WILD or discover something about what’s going on inside with Discovery Fit & Health.
  • Informational Channels – Ever wonder what kind of man JFK was behind closed doors and beyond the rumors? FYI has you covered as part of a long list of informational channels like DIY Network and H2.
  • Specialty Channels – FX not extreme enough for you? FXX takes it to the next level with dramas and comedies aimed at more mature audiences. Don’t forget the FX Movie Channel.

Don’t forget about dozens of SonicTap® music channels and, of course, mainstays like MTV and VH1!

Can you bundle with the DIRECTV XTRA Package?

You can bundle Internet and phone with the DIRECTV XTRA Package in order to get even more for your money. With a TV-Internet-phone bundle, you can watch a show, enjoy the second screen experience, and call for a pizza.

Order the DIRECTV XTRA Package

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