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Record Like a Pro with the DIRECTV Genie

Ready to take control of your entertainment? Get pumped – Genie is a revolution in HD DVR technology.  Get more features, more storage and more control – only with Genie from DIRECTV. Receivers from other TV providers can’t compete with this equipment. With more recording capacity than cable and the ability to record five shows at once, it’s no wonder Genie is the industry’s leading HD DVR. And if you add GenieGO, Genie can do even more. It’s just one of the many reasons customers are switching to DIRECTV.

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Genie: The King of All DIRECTV Receivers

As its name suggests, Genie has so many features that it borders on magic. Read on and prepare to be dazzled by what you can do with the DIRECTV Genie at the helm:

  • Enjoy a full HD DVR experience in every room in your home.1 Living room, bedroom, office, kitchen – your choice. All of your TVs can be connect with just one HD DVR. No need to clutter your rooms with clunky cable boxes. All you need is the compact Genie Mini for each additional TV.
  • Record up to 200 hours of HD programming. That’s over an entire week of nothing but your favorite movies, series, sports and more.2
  • Get more control over your TV. Start watching in one room and finish in another. Record, pause, rewind and fast-forward shows from any TV in your home.
  • Watch 4 different live or recorded shows in 4 different rooms at the same time. There’s no need to fight over who gets to use Genie at what time. Everyone in your family can enjoy their favorite programs.
  • Easily find what you want to watch. TV guides are a thing of the past. Type in keywords and Genie delivers the most relevant results so you can get watching or recording.
  • Tune in to double the programming. Say goodbye to channel jumping. Picture-in-Picture lets you watch two shows at once on one screen. Catch the big game and a hit movie without missing a second of either. Picture-in-picture is available only on the TV directly connected to the Genie HD DVR. It’s the kind of functionality you’d expect from a DIRECTV HD DVR.

Take Genie into Overdrive with GenieGO

GenieGO gives the DIRECTV Genie even more capabilities. With this equipment, you can watch on multiple mobile devices, stream your favorite shows wirelessly and even download shows to your preferred device for offline enjoyment.3 Pair GenieGO with Genie and gain the ability to:

  • Watch anywhere, on any device. With GenieGO, you can watch your recorded shows on the device you want – iPhone® or Android, Mac or PC. Just download the corresponding app and start enjoying the true power of the DIRECTV Genie.
  • Stream shows wirelessly. Just join a wireless network and you can watch your recorded shows whether or not you’ve downloaded them to your device.
  • Watch and record at the same time. Start streaming a show on your computer or mobile device as soon as it starts recording.
  • Access up to 20 hours of recorded programming at a time. Dive into your saved shows from your computer, tablet or smartphone. Need to access more? Just connect an external hard drive to your GenieGO and you’re good to go.


Learn About Other DIRECTV Receivers

Don’t think you’re ready for Genie? If you don’t need all the functions, storage space and freedom that Genie offers, you can choose among other DIRECTV receivers. No matter which DIRECTV DVR you select, you still get the reliability and satisfaction that comes with DIRECTV service.


If you’re looking for a DIRECTV receiver that still delivers incredible features, consider the DIRECTV Plus® HD DVR. You can still:

  • Record up to 100 hours of HD content.
  • Watch and record in any room with only one DIRECTV HD DVR receiver.
  • Watch and record shows in crystal clear HD.
  • Protect your kids from age-inappropriate programming.

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